I believe that uniformity and conformity are overrated, that less is less, in the value of the unique, individual, ornamental and simple, and in the humanity of art.

Handcrafted jewelry is collaborative. It connects the maker of the beads, with the maker of the piece, with the person who chooses that piece to say something about themselves. It connects us through time and space.

That's part of what I love about the art of personal adornment.

My name is Sarah Kelley and I'm thebeadedlily-- a self-taught southern gal with an intense love for art, beads and jewelry.

Pieces by thebeadedlily generally fall into three categories.

Stringing: bold, colorful, texture laden designs, often influenced by the artists and artisans who create the beads I work with.

Wirework: simple, clean, and highly primitive. I use ancient wire-working techniques and aim for what the earliest jewelry must have looked like, to create something timeless, like what you'd find in a museum's antiquities exhibit.

Beadwork: totally unique and original one of a kind art pieces.

When I'm not working I'm sleeping, reading, drinking something hot while I surf handmade on the internet, cuddling a furred or feathered friend, haunting a sushi bar or gaming.

Whatever I'm doing I carry with me my love of the art of personal adornment. I love its history and I look forward to its future.


Ridgeland, SC 29936, USA

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